Sports Medicine

  • Phiten Titanium Shoulder Support

    Phiten Titanium Shoulder Support

    Phiten's Titanium Shoulder Support is a one-of-a-kind shoulder support. It helps restrain the arm from excessive forward and backward movement, as well as assist the shoulder’s up and down (vertical) movement. Made with flexibility in mind, the level and...
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  • Catalyst Cryo-Scarf Cooling System

    Catalyst Cryo-Scarf Cooling System

    Cool off on the sidelines, between innings, or after a hard workout with the All-Star Catalyst Cryoscarf. The Cryoscarf uses the same CryoMAX reusable cold packs as the Cryohelmet to apply therapeutic cooling to your neck. CryoMAX is a specialized cold...
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  • Catalyst Cryo-Helmet Brain Cooling System

    Catalyst Cryo-Helmet Brain Cooling System

    Treat concussion, migraines, and heat illness with cold therapy. Place CryoHelmet inside the freezer for three hours. CryHelmet stays frozen/cold on head for one hour or more. Players with concussion symptoms can dissipate after 20 minutes of wearing...
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  • Phiten Titanium Knee Support

    Phiten Titanium Knee Support

    This package contains one knee support only. Ahead of its time, the AQUA-TITANIUM permeated Knee Support features far infrared ceramic fabric to keep your knee warm and ready for its next move. With a non-slip design and improved moisture wicking fabric,...
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